Check-In/Out Procedures

All children must check-in at the check-in desk before entering the classroom. Check-in begins 30 minutes before the service, but classrooms do not open until 9:45. Volunteers with children must keep their children with them until 9:45, when the classrooms open. Check-in closes 15 minutes following the start of the service. Classrooms close after the Worship Gathering at 11:45.

Parents are encouraged to take their children to the restroom or change their diaper prior to taking them to their class.

Classroom Assignment

Birth to 2 years – Nursery

2 – 3 years: TruBlessings

4 – 5 years: TruWonder

1st – 5th grade: TruStory

6th – 7th grade: TruIdentity

In September of each year all children who are eligible to attend the next level class will move up.

Expectations of all Children’s Ministry Workers:

  • Live a God-centered life. Consistent Bible reading and prayer and being held accountable by one or more persons.
  • Love children. Passionate about reaching them with God’s Word and with His love.
  • Be a good teacher. Able to present the truth in an age-appropriate and interactive way and able to maintain order and discipline in the classroom.
  • Responsible. Punctuality is key! Always be on time, keep the established rules, take care of church resources, and communicate openly and honestly with leadership.
  • Cooperative. Adhere to all the screening and training processes established by the church leadership.
  • Be Spiritually Fed. In order to feed and teach our children the Word of God, a children’s worker must also be fed and taught through fellowship groups, Bible studies, and Worship Gatherings.




For all encounterKIDS policies and procedures you can download the full PDF document here.  Children’s Policy Policy and Procedure Manual