We believe that…

God is the creator of all that exists. He is a spirit that has no beginning and no ending. He is immortal, invisible, and eternal. He is completely free from doing anything wrong. His grand plan and design for the world is being carried out and completed according to His timetable. We all will stand before Him and be judged by Him at a time of His choosing.

Jesus is God in human flesh. He is God revealed to mankind 2000 years ago. After proving Himself to be God, He chose to die on the cross to satisfy the debt of mankind’s wrong doing against God. He rose from the dead 3 days later, proving that death and sin (wrong doing) had no power over Him. Jesus currently resides in Heaven guiding the church worldwide.

The Holy Spirit is God active in the world today. He too is invisible but is actively guiding people to faith in who Jesus is. After an individual trusts Jesus for forgiveness, the Holy Spirit comes into that person’s life and begins the lifelong process of transforming them into the image of Jesus.

The Bible is God’s communication to mankind as it relates to who He is and what He expects. Its information is complete and provides us with the knowledge needed to please God.

The Church is made up by those individuals who are called out of the culture to join together to learn about God and His plans for humanity. The group is an extension of God’s love into the community where they are located.

Salvation / Eternal Life is given to those who put their trust in the sacrifice of Jesus. By receiving Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness, we enter into an eternal and right relationship with God.

Families were created to be a cohesive and unified unit that needs constant strengthening and encouragement.

Distinctiveness exists through our family backgrounds, personal talents, interests, socioeconomic levels and spiritual giftedness.