Sermons from March 2016

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Resurrection Sunday: A Living Hope

Throughout the New Testament, the certainty of the believer’s hope is because of the certainty of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead! If Jesus can faithfully fulfill His promise of defeating the power of sin and death, then we can trust that every other promise Jesus has ever made will come to complete and final fulfillment. […]

Good Friday Service

Deepen502, the youth ministry of Encounter Church, leads a time of reflection and remembrance on the cross at the Good Friday Service.

The Gospel Effect: Distorted by Sin.

A quick survey over the landscape of humanity or a cursory reading of the news headlines will quickly reveal that the image of God, while not lost entirely, has been corrupted and distorted. This corrupted and distorted image of God is the result of sin. In this sermon Michael shows has sin as affected the […]

Created in God’s Image

As believers we are assured of our salvation as we see evidence of the Gospel changing us. This is the Gospel Effect. There are results in the believer’s life, an effect that is visible, discernible, perceptible, distinguishable recognizable, and identifiable because of the Gospel. In this first sermon of the series Michael identifies how men […]