Sermons from November 2015

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It is Finished!


From the cross Jesus cried out “It is finished!” Jesus’ death served as the once for all sacrifice for sin that need never be repeated. Jesus fulfilled what the sacrificial system had long pointed toward. Disguised on the cross of crucifixion was the mercy of God, the completed work into which we are invited to […]

The Other Three Guys


Jesus wasn’t the only person scheduled for execution. There were three other men. In this sermon Bill Reynolds takes a look at their stories and how they relate to us. (John 18:36-19:18)

Why the Cross?


Worn as jewelry, displayed as an accessory in our homes, and crafted for burial headstones, the cross of crucifixion is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Through this sermon, Michael Boehm preaches from chapter 19 and the death of Jesus Christ. As we consider Jesus’ crucifixion we will answer the question, “Why […]

Christ the King’s Day in Court


John’s Gospel presents the trial of Jesus as a modern day kangaroo court, a proceeding where the innocent was framed to appear as the guilty. In the end, judgment will not be handed down upon the wrongly condemned but rather on the high court itself. For the very one who is presented and punished as […]

My Failure and Christ’s Faithfulness


Have you ever failed the Lord? Once? Maybe twice? For many of us we feel like we fail the Lord on a daily basis. In John 18:12-27 the infamous account of Peter’s denial of Christ is recorded. Through this important event the faithfulness of Christ is displayed and serves as a great encouragement to us […]