Sermons from October 2015

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I AM is Sovereign


John 18 records the arrest and trials of Jesus Christ prior to his crucifixion. Even in the midst of his arrest, Jesus displayed his sovereign control over all that was taking place. This truth should prove to be a great comfort in our own times of difficulty and trial. (John 18:1-11)

encounterKIDS: Vision Sunday


There is great responsibility when it comes to passing on the faith to our children and grandchildren. Encounter Church takes this responsibility very seriously. During our Fall 2015 encounterKIDS Vision Sunday, Michael Boehm, Kellie Meurer, and Marie McMillan helped the church envision the important role they play in impressing God’s Word on the hearts of […]

The Means to our Unity


As has been established in the previous week’s sermons, the standard to the unity of the church is the Trinity. Jesus makes this clear in his prayer for the church in John 17. The means to the church’s unity is the topic of this sermon presented by Michael Boehm. (John 17:20-26 and 1 John 1:1-10)

The Standard for Unity (Part 2)


In his John 17 prayer, Jesus highlights the standard for the church’s unity is the Trinity. If the church is going to pursue unity she must have a better understanding of the Trinity. In this sermon Michael highlights the various biblical displays and characteristics of the Trinity and why they matter to the church. (John […]