Sermons from May 2015

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Comforting Commands


As Jesus nears the cross, He shares some comforting words with His disciples in the Upper Room Discourse. In this sermon, Michael Boehm teaches on the various comforting commands that, if obeyed, will help those with troubled hearts. (John 14:1-14)

A New Commandment

In the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus is sharing some final and important words before his crucifixion. One of the themes of this discourse the love that believers should share with each other. In this sermon, Michael Boehm discusses how the new standard for our love for one another is the standard set by Jesus Christ. […]

Faithful to the Mission

John the Apostle, throughout his gospel account, highlights Jesus’ obedience and submission to the will of the Father. Jesus came to the earth to be glorified through a shameful death on the cross, to rise again, and then return to His glory in heaven. In this sermon, Michael Boehm challenges you to follow our Lord’s example […]