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Cradle Language

by Michael Boehm

The following blog post was written by Marie McMillan. Marie frequently writes thought provoking and insightful blog posts for Encounter. She is the wife of Robert McMillan who serves as an Elder of Encounter, and she is the mother of Eva, Katherine and Nathan. Marie and Robert are expecting their fourth child in August. The […]

TOP 10 for our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

by Michael Boehm

For your enjoyment and information, please read our Top 10 for our 10th Anniversary Celebration. Number 10) Arrive early. To arrive at 10 AM is to be late. All of the cool people generally start arriving at 9:30. Clayton often pulls in the parking lot at 9:27 and claims his seat at the donut bar by […]

I Have Some Good News!

by Michael Boehm

Resurrection Sunday is just a few days away and to say that I am excited would be an understatement. I love gathering together with my church family every Sunday. This Sunday is different, though. It is the specific Sunday we set aside every year for the single purpose of celebrating the hope we have as […]

A Christian Worldview – Week 7

by Bill Reynolds

The topic of study for Encounter University 2015 is evangelism. Our speakers Chad Nuss and Chad Johnson talk about the truth of the Gospel and give some practical advice on sharing.

Children and Obedience

by Michael Boehm

Earlier this week John Piper wrote a blog post that every parent should read. His post begins… I am writing this to plead with Christian parents to require obedience of their children. I am moved to write this by watching young children pay no attention to their parents’ requests, with no consequences. Parents tell a […]