We are excited to have two people ready to declare their faith publicly this Sunday evening at Pinecrest Cottage. We are privileged to have our event at this beautiful space, so let’s be sure to represent Christ well and respect their property.

Event Details:
Location: 2806 Newburg Rd. Louisville, KY 40205.

Map to Pinecrest Cottage

– The baptisms will begin promptly at 5 PM with eating thereafter.

– Open swim will begin at 6 PM, with a designated parent as a life guard at all times.

– We are permitted to park on the sides of the driveway and near the house.

Below are a few do’s and don’ts for the event. Please read in its entirety.

1. Come ready to have a GREAT time!

2. Walk through the beautiful gardens, see the fish pond (with adult supervision), and take pictures.

3. Bring your lawn chair.

4. Bring your yard games.

5. Bring your food item. (A-L: Dessert; M-Z: Side Dish)

6. Keep an eye on your children.

1. For the safety of our children, the diving board and trampoline are off limits. Please ensure your children do not use either of these.

2. We are not using the guest house. Please do not enter.