Everyone loves a good Block Party. This Friday from 6:30-9:00 PM is Encounter’s Summer Block Party, complete with bouncy houses, games, food, and much more. This FREE event is being held in the parking lot in front of our building (9105 Galene Drive, 40299).

Get involved by putting into practice these seven activities:

1) Pray. The backbone to any outreach is prayer. Pray for those who will receive a door hanger. Pray for safety. Pray for softened hearts. Pray for good weather on Friday. Pray for a great turnout. Pray for effective follow-up. Ultimately, pray for changed lives!

2) Get Involved. There are a lot of door hangers that need to be distributed. Stop by the church building this week to receive an assignment of where you can distribute the door hangers, pick up a box of door hangers, and then hit the pavement.

3) Share. Be sure to leverage social media for Gospel purposes. Let others know about the Block Party through your status updates and by sharing the posts from Encounter’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

4) Invite. The Block Party is going to be a ton of fun. Extending personal invitations are often the most effective. On Friday morning, follow up with those whom you have invited and remind them of the Block Party, asking if they plan on joining in on the fun.

5) Participate. Come to the Block Party ready to have fun. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get involved in serving.

6) Be Intentional. Get out of your comfort zone and be intentional in starting conversations with complete strangers. Take the initiative in introducing yourself. Generously give out high fives. Encourage our guests to visit the Prayer and Spiritual Questions tent.

7) Love! The Bible states that the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another. Don’t hold back in loving others this Friday evening.

Wow! Is it Friday yet? Let’s pack out the parking lot and make it a Gospel purposed Block Party. See you on Friday!